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How to Blog a Book

Heather Ordover, a knitwear designer, podcast host as well as a young adult author, is all set to unveil a brand new book one post at a time, making an arsenal, of infos hand crafters could use to fend for their handiwork.

When readers come to the Cognitive Anchoring blog, the 1st thing people see is a goofy snap of a floating body attempting to fly away but it is being held by a ball of yarn. Heather Ordover stated that it is ridiculous, but it is also a clear graphic about what they were speaking about. And what she is speaking about began with some relatively recent research into how the human brain works when the hands are busy in an automatic behavior.

University of Plymouth’s Dr. Jackie Andrade started the ball rolling in the year 2010 when she published What Does Doodling Do? in a journal named “Applied Cognitive Psychology.” Heather stated that she contacted her and found that she was not the first knitter who was interested in what she had discovered.

Ordover stated that the really interesting thing to her was that following the trail which led to Andrade’s study took her all the way back to late 1800s as well as researches which were done back then on what made people fidget and thus lose attention.

Inspired by the How to Blog a Book, the book Heather is now blogging is Cognitive Anchoring: Grounding Your Mind So Your Thoughts Can Run Free and it is now being unveiled in five hundred word chunks in ev’ery Tuesday and Friday till it is finished.

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