25 thoughts on “Harry potter half blood prince behind the magic

  1. For some reason Emma Watson reminds me of my English teacher

  2. It’s pretty long but it’s good

  3. I have watched this one like about 7 or 8 times, it is soooooo good

  4. Still into Harry Potter…? Here are some good details about Book Six, The
    Half-Blood Prince

  5. lol 😛

  6. “I’ve got this little blonde in my trailer” XD

  7. Well, you’re right xD. I guess I’m lucky to be born in a town at 200
    kilometers from the capital (Buenos Aires)

  8. oh come on, i have been born in austria, in a small town, surrounded by
    COWS and NOBODY has ever heard of this place, i can’t even talk english
    very good and it’s boring as hell here. So be happy with that what you
    have! xD

  9. okay how did u get one of Voldemort hair’s to make a polyjuice potion snape?

  10. Well, I have connected HP with my childhood so when I read your comment I
    had that reaction. 🙁

  11. I love Daniels voice <33


  13. That’s so fucked up I want to puke right now

  14. Awesome! I love harry potter too

  15. I love the “But I am the chosen one” scene… so damn hilarious 😀

  16. I love Harry potter

  17. It’s a hog not a pig!

  18. its not a pig! O_O

  19. why is your pro pic voldemort, when snape was the half blood prince?

  20. That little gag about Dumbledore on the phone to the gas board made me

  21. I love harry potter I wish the films never ended!

  22. 🙂

  23. <3 Harry Potter!!!!! Thx J.K

  24. I love this movie so muchhhh

  25. Awesome

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