9 thoughts on “Blake Dale | Harry Potter 6: “The Half-Blood Prince” – Trailer 2 (Reaction Mashup) – 5k Subs Bonus

  1. Good job as always and congratulations on 5k Subs Mate, i’m 100 away from
    4k ;)

  2. the trailer was awesome, but man that movie was such shit, just like the
    5th one

  3. Love all these Harry Potter reaction mashups!

  4. Damn son, this Harry Potter mashup are the shit! Hope you make more XD

  5. Wooh! Love it!!

  6. cant wait for the batman v superman trailer mashup

  7. the recurring David

    I remember those Harry Potter 6 trailers. Awesome reactions and mashup
    again – like the outro music.

  8. Do some walking dead character death reactions

  9. Congrats on the 5.000 subs! I dont really care for the HP movies, never saw
    them at the cinema.. I always waited for the blurays.. But great job! Also,
    I cant wait for the superbowl.. In terms of tv spots and trailers, lots of
    great stuff coming, specially Furious 7 trailer 2.

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