25 thoughts on “HARRY POTTER ™ YEARS 1-6 – Official trailer – Out on UK DVD & Blu-ray boxset 7 December 09

  1. man harry grew…


  3. @Sallyallie89 They won’t fit. The box sets have two movies in each
    dvd/bluray case. Therefore, you could only fit half of your individual
    cases in the box.

  4. Epic!!!

  5. amazing

  6. Anyone who buys the years 1 to 7(part 1) box set is an idiot. Wait for the
    final movie lol.

  7. spettacolare

  8. It’s he who MUST not be named!!! Am I the only one who was annoyed by that?

  9. @fizshazi 8 films

  10. @fizshazi 8 films idiot

  11. @GhibliFan1 Yeah but I think the point is if you have already waited and
    went out of your way just to get the 6 in a set why not just wait for the
    last 2 and instead get all 8 as a set? Anyway, to each their own I
    suppose…I personally am waiting for the full set and no I do not sit
    there staring at my box sets lol, I just prefer them that way, plus the box
    usually look pretty cool or may come with extra stuff. 😮

  12. why the heck did they make a years 1-7part1 giftset?

  13. Also, I don’t feel like waiting until all 8 movies are out, so my plan is
    to hopefully buy a box off ebay if possible. Like just the box alone so I
    can put all my movies in there.

  14. i’ve just bought this! 😀 I want to buy the deathly hollows seperately

  15. Love this compilation xdxd <3

  16. @GammaMonkey2 1-7 stuipid

  17. Wonderful!!!

  18. @GammaMonkey2 yeah, me too…no point of buying the all dvds in boxset
    now….i’ll wait…11 more months to go

  19. @hobbes296 I’ve not waited though. I first bought the years1-3 DVD set and
    bought them singularly on DVD from then. This is my first BD purchase
    because it is a great price. To each their own, yes, but anyone waiting to
    pay a HUGE premium to get them in one box has more money than sense.
    Especially as the DEFINITIVE boxset (extended cuts) is years away. That’s
    the complete set we’ll all eventually get, so in the meantime, buying the
    [temporary] theatrical cuts as cheap as possible makes sense.

  20. Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry, HARRY POTTER! harry pot-ter…

  21. @spacerocker I find it interesting to read this a year later, when it is
    currently 2011. It’s almost as if I were from the future … jk =p

  22. love all the films but there are some storymistakes in the film and i hate
    to see the mistakes it distroyes the illusion

  23. @gamezonic Correction, about to be 8 films, stupid idiodic retard. Idk I
    dibs u cant say anyting back.

  24. love this video! where did you get it from?

  25. @Mandrake291193 OMG you’re right! That’s distracting me so much now…lol.

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