25 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Trailer 2 Official HD

  1. yeah i know they’re fucking losers !

  2. You fucking loser.

  3. Lol people never change on YouTube

  4. My favorite you

  5. My favourite one

  6. easily the best harry potter film

  7. 1:54 ‘help me” is when dobby dies :'(

  8. Bloody hell!! Goosebumps ! 😀 ♥

  9. What happened to /your/ grammar? Confunded by anyone? 😛

  10. Are you out of your DAMN MIND???

  11. Oh Hermione, well said. As for you, Tom (yes I mean Tom :P) BURN!!!

  12. elise samantha Tongson

    no Hermione his tearducts are dry

  13. click show comment to go on an adventure

  14. is it bad that i still watch this and i get the chills every time

  15. Yes, yes it is

  16. elise samantha Tongson

    is that sarcasm?

  17. Geez..I didn’t know that already..

  18. elise samantha Tongson

    u spelled ur name wrong Seaweed Brain

  19. elise samantha Tongson

    What the- two Voldmorts?

  20. elise samantha Tongson


  21. OH! This’ll be very nice to write about in the Daily Prophet! Oh, I see the
    headlines.. ‘Tears of the past trouble Voldemort’ And I’ll write a juicy
    story about your childhood and how you miss your parents!

  22. I am disappointed from future myself !

  23. In my opinion this is the best

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