25 thoughts on “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer Official (HD)

  1. Ican'tthinkof a name

    Sees trailer *cries* WHY MUST IT END?

  2. The music in this trailer is still exceedingly amazing even after all these
    years. Dear God, the hype returns.


  4. I love harry potter and i miss the movies just finshed reading the books i
    love harry potter i couldnt stop crying when i found this was the end 🙁

  5. Still gives me the chills years later and makes me want to watch the movie
    over and over again!

  6. I would love if the movie was like the book!

  7. I’m gonna be honest, the films are of course, phenomenal, but I didn’t
    really like David Yates’ directing style for the last four. Mike Newell did
    it better.

  8. The British decided to simplify the first movie from H.P and the
    philosophers stone to H.P sorcerers stone for America. So I simplified
    every movie for us -H.P and the whisper snake, H.P and that mean jail man,
    H.P and the Hot Cup, H.P and the Bird Club, H.P and the guy with only some
    blood, H.P and Death… Makes sense now

  9. Guys, big news they’re suppose 2 show this on ABC FAMILY on November

  10. Now it feels like a portion of my life is lost….. best…decade… ever!!!

  11. 0:28 , 0:50 , 1:14 , 1:36 .. Replay button of voldemort screaming, thank me

  12. This is 2 years old and I still cry

  13. I remember when i watched this movie in cinema for first time. I’ll never
    forget the filling when the movie was over. I wanted to cry, cry,
    cry……….I loved everything about Harry Potter….no mated is over I

  14. You-know-who

  15. Do you know it is forbidden ton

  16. whats that voldy? “Naaaahhhh!” ah! alright then…

  17. I know that this may seem a bit odd, but after studying the books in some
    detail, I discovered that a web-series would actually fare well as far as
    faith to the book. Each chapter of the series could be an episode of a

  18. such an amazing trailer for a good but not amazing film. Without a doubt
    the best Potter of all.

  19. That’s what one of my friends think. They’re not allowed to watch it
    because of WitchCraft, and but even I’m Christian, I’m still able to watch
    it. They’re missing out. ):

  20. Favorite trailer for my favorite movie of all time

  21. The hole video its fantastic and the movie was

  22. harry potter is the best!

  23. 2 years later and ‘NEYYAAHH’ is still funny and the first 15 seconds still
    give me incredible chills.

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