25 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part I & Part II | OFFICIAL [HD] trailer #1 US (2010) 3D


  2. GinnyAndHarryLoveStory Forever

    Says I only can live forever,dies 30 minutes later! 😛

  3. me fascina la parte en cuando los profesores y la mama de rom levantan el

  4. @froGabriel he did 😛

  5. @Supersomonerandom man i feel sad too its like when drangon ball z ended

  6. O: did harry die o. o

  7. you cried when HP ended??

  8. @fluffycat123100 Harry Potter, he became a family too. (:

  9. watched this when i was high and it was the weirdest shit evar

  10. Harry Potter, certainement un des meilleur film de tout les temps ! C’est
    quelque chose dont on ne se lasse jamais !!! 🙂

  11. stupid movie

  12. truand2lagalerewear

    (la haine 2 la suite) tapez bande annonce du film la vengeance morsay

  13. esta es una de las pelis mas espetaculares del mundo

  14. ROFLMAO HOW I END UP HERE? Im watched stalin,red army and hitler videos xD

  15. AMO LA PARTE DE 2:05 !

  16. This is the best series of the Generation 🙁 That Its over so 🙁 that cant
    be enough 🙁

  17. @Porta2152 Ino same maybe they cut it out?

  18. Zwei gute Freunde mit einer anderen Art von Abenteuer: DIVING IN BISHOP
    HARBOR (Tauchen in Bishop Harbor)

  19. love the music <3 <3 <3

  20. I’ hope they make,another series,of Harry Potter,and let Peeves,be in it..

  21. I hope that they will once make as strong series as this :((((

  22. te amo harry ron y te admiro hermioni amo esta saga es la mejor si ki si

  23. Can’t believe it’s over now : Of course it has to have an end, but I feel
    a bit sad. I’ve read all the books at least twice and watched all films soo
    many times 😛 Good memories. I hope the next generation will notice Harry

  24. @KatySaysMeow He kissed Ginny,not Hermione.

  25. awesome movie!

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