25 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer Official HD

  1. Hard to believe it’s been three years

  2. Plsssss bring HP BACK!!!!!

  3. What about a new generation of HP? Maybe a story about his

  4. Instead of “I have something worth living for” Harry could have said “I
    have a girl worth living for” !

  5. Literal tobuscus

  6. i want Harry Potter 8,9,10,11,12,13

  7. 4 Privet Drive the Burrow London 12 Grimmauld Place Ministry of Magic
    forest some places in England Godric’s Hollow Forest of Dean Lovegood’s
    house Malfoy Manor Shell Cottage Gringotts Hogsmeade Hogwarts well this is
    an epic journey

  8. Of course. It’s the single greatest trailer ever made.

  9. I miss Harry and his friends.

  10. Awesome

  11. i miss it so damn much

  12. I can watch this on and on all day long!!!!!!!! 😀

  13. 35 milhões de visualizações, nada mais que o esperado !! saudades da

  14. oohh!!! you can hold the end of your armchair… chills <3

  15. 0:57 Kristen Stewart shows up!!!

  16. The Best Reviews of Horror Games

    harry potter ,so sad its over live on 4ever love it so much

  17. i remember the first time i saw this trailer :’D

  18. Lol you are not a true HP fan if you haven’t read the books just sayin

  19. Nostalgia ;/

  20. I still remember being a true harry potter fan watching all the movies
    every year in cinemas with my family and booking the first film available
    for the final one, I really miss my childhood of this, I really do, but the
    magic always lives on!

  21. This trailer gets me so exited to see it before the movie came out.

  22. It’s been almost 3 years and my friends still ask me, “after all this
    time?” Me: “always”

  23. EPIC !

  24. Almost 2014 and I’m still watching this! It hurts I won’t see Harry Potter
    again, but at least… THERE’S GOING TO BE A NEW MOVIE OF THIS SANE
    UNIVERSE 🙂 thank you J.K. Rowling! You’re my life 😀

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