25 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Official Trailer (HD – Best Quality)

  1. Just realised I’ve never seen this one.

  2. I still get goosebumps from this trailer… Incredible

  3. yes he is darling! dont give attention to the other person replying 🙂

  4. I love Harry Potter, but I always wish they put a little more of Hermione
    to the trailers. 😐

  5. no 1080p on youtube in 2k8.

  6. not really HD – Best Quality

  7. Who The Hell Read Books.!!!

  8. It’s not HD- stop lying!

  9. best book and up to some point movie in the series

  10. They should have cut out all the romance parts and instead included the
    memory from the book where Voldemort 1st sees the cup and the locket as
    that is key to the plot. More focus should also have been put on Harry’s
    relationship with Dumbledore. Truthfully,not every book or movie needs
    romance and some books and movies are better without. The whole Harry
    Potter series would have been better without it. There should have been NO
    romance or sexuality in Harry Potter books or movies.

  11. the trailer gives us the impression the focus is about the bad guys
    history, the movies gives us a pointless love triangle that could have been
    cut and focused more on what really matters to a story like this.

  12. dumbledore died????????? omfg omg wtf man

  13. I can remember the scene in the orphanage, among Dumbledore and Tom
    Riddle, it possesses the touch of “The Exorcist”. This was a very good
    movie that announced the greatness of the two films coming after. It also
    finished the stagnation suffered during the previous two movies.

  14. I remember this was suppose to come out around November but because
    twilight was going to come out the same day, they moved it to the summer! I
    was in 9th grade 🙂 I love Harry Potter <3

  15. well to be fair 2008

  16. I knew someone once who thought he was called “Voltemor”. 😛

  17. This trailer is really well done! Ahh I love harry potter

  18. not everybody watched this movie bud, and this is the trailer, usually
    people that did NOT watch it come here

  19. shut up with the spoiler shit, the movie has been out for over a few years,

  20. Best movie out of all of them.Farewell Harry Potter Series 🙁

  21. “Best quality” 360p

  22. its voldemort

  23. If you didn’t know this was Harry Potter, it would seem like a pretty
    convincing horror movie teaser trailer.

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