25 thoughts on “New Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I Trailer [HD]

  1. isnt the first part premiering around Late November/Early December, and the
    second part is premiering around mid-late January?

  2. the last two parts of the harry potter series

  3. I love the Harry Potter movies. In this small mtw trailer you don’t get
    anything of what its about, but I know that the Half-Blood Prince was just
    a start of this piece. Looks good, but wants the movie to be a dark movie!

  4. @nighttimeshadow I just did the exact same thing

  5. omg i’m sooooo excited 😀 can’t waaait !

  6. What truly makes Harry Potter so amazing, is the fact, that everyone who’s
    seen the films, has practically seen these kids grow up and mature; which
    makes them even more stunning as actors, because they pull it off so well
    when it comes to intense scenes, and not to mention, they don’t go crazy
    with the storyline of witches, wizards, wolves. No one sparkles in this
    movie. >.> HARRY POTTER ALL THE WAY !!!

  7. @GDemon you do to, I had to say this, perfect comback even though I’m not a
    harry potter fan, sorry.

  8. what music??

  9. @laboriosa5 Yes it is

  10. WHOA

  11. @1anonymousmouse its sad. For eleven years now, i’ve followed this series
    with astounding amazement. I know exactly what to expect, but I still
    squeal every time I see a trailer or hear something on the news. It will be
    sad when the last movie comes out…T.T

  12. and now to watch my entire dvd collection all over again. CAN. NOT. END.

  13. Does anybody else sometimes wish that Hogwarts and all the magic is real
    and the movie sucks you into it. Then as the movies ends your mom yells at
    you to do something and the real shitty world comes back

  14. @JTeamjesters i do the same thing…alot

  15. youtube.com/watch?v=jLH1PIKIoGs

  16. 0:24 jizzed in my paaants

  17. @jamzrox1991 I know right?!

  18. @Ipodtouchhelp4011 This, this this and this again.

  19. I so want to see this movie, can not wait til august

  20. @laboriosa5 nah, i think its gringots… because in the book they have a
    dragon in gringots… if this would be hogwarts, that they did something
    really wrong…

  21. harry potter is so amazing.

  22. transformersdude1011

    @maora01 he means right after that in the big orange bubble its only shown
    for a second

  23. @sasukeshippuden Now you’ll be at the top of the comments.

  24. We are so, completely camping out for this, even though we know it won’t be
    damn near as awesome as the book! Down with the Dark Lord!

  25. Whoah! 0:18 Harry is standing at D- I mean, “somebodys” grave!

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